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DavidMDavid MvMichael
VP Service

David McMichael, our current Director of Service, will be promoted to Vice President, Service effective January 1, 2017. David has served the company in the capacities of Branch Manager and Director of Service for the last half-dozen years. David has led many initiatives over the years that has resulted in outstanding service growth, customer satisfaction and strong margin growth. David has taken charge of many of the most complicated situations and handled them the GFT Way and his commitment to this company has been outstanding.

Two upcoming promotions that are very much deserved. Congratulations!
"Both of these gentlemen have earned the trust and respect from their subordinates, their peers and certainly from our Board of Directors.

We enter into 2017 with an even stronger management team than ever." - Joey Batchelor, President, Guardian Fueling Technologies President



ChrisCChris Collura
VP Construction

Chris Collura, our current Director of Construction, will be promoted to Vice President, Construction effective January 1, 2017. Chris has demonstrated a commitment to quality, safety, profitability and growth to our construction division over the last few years. Chris has elevated our reputation and our quality of work to be industry leading. His daily commitment to his employees, our customers and to doing things the GFT Way, have earned him a reputation for being a great leader. Chris has demonstrated the type of leadership that we have needed for many years in this very important role. There isn’t a situation that Chris can’t handle when it comes to leading our construction division into the future.

fuelguardlogo sml
is ramping up and getting ready for a productive year in 2017 by expanding and refining our service. Our goals include increasing FuelGuard sales and hiring new specialized personel. So please welcome Dale and Marco to our team.

Dale Hobgood - Sales Manager - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Strong sales and operations background with experience in the environmental and petroleum industry. Primarily located in the Tampa office, but his sales region will be throughout Florida. In addition to sales, Dale’s background will help expand FG services and improve our operations. 

Marco Galle - Outside Sales - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Located in Fort Lauderdale, Marco's sales experience and the fact that he can also run the filter machine, makes him a good fit for FuelGuard. In addition to offering our service to existing customers, he’s working on bringing in commercial businesses that use generators. Generator clients will be instrumental in growing FuelGuard revenues.
Bryan Newman Please join us in congratulating Bryan Newman for his promotion to Sanford Branch Manager. Bryan has served GFT and our clients for many years and we are excited to see him back in a senior leadership role. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
New Director of Fuel Quality Join us in welcoming Corey Agnew, new Director of Fuel Quality, to the FuelGuard Management Team! FuelGuard If you are experiencing fuel quality related problems, reach out to


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