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At Guardian, we're committed to providing superior customer service whenever you call. And, as trained agents for most manufacturers of petroleum storage and dispensing equipment, we can provide warranty and contract maintenance services. Even if we didn't sell it or install it, we can maintain it.

  • 24/7/365 factory-authorized maintenance
  • Petroleum Equipment
  • POS Systems
  • EMV Compliance Expertise
  • Dispensers/Payment Terminals
  • Environmental compliance inspections
  • GPS and computer-based dispatching
  • Fixed-cost maintenance agreements
  • Preventative maintenance agreements
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Complete C-store equipment repair
  • HVAC/Refrigeration
Guardian GAC 250x50 v1

Support = 24/7

about-imageGuardian never closes when it comes to providing top-notch response to service calls. Our Service Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since our technicians are GPS dispatched, they can respond rapidly to calls throughout our service area.

Each technician has accumulated many hours of training and are Factory Certified on the lines we sell and service regularly. Our technicians receive on-going training to keep them up to date on the latest technological advances with the equipment.

Our service technicians are provided with all the latest testing and diagnostic equipment to quickly trouble-shoot and diagnose problems.

Our service trucks are stocked with a large inventory of the most common parts, so we typically can repair your system on our first trip to the site.

Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning Services

about-imageIntroducing Fuelguard Technology – When your fuel storage tanks contain moisture, microorganisms or other foreign contaminates, your fuel quality and operations will be negatively impacted.

If you are experiencing noticeable corrosion, clogged filters, phase separation or hazy fuel, these could be critical signs of fuel contamination. This can lead to serious damage to your fuel dispensers, fuel storage tanks, vehicle engines and pile up unnecessary maintenance costs.Our cutting edge

Our cutting edge Fuelguard system removes debris from your tanks, separates moisture from fuel and filters out contaminates down to 1 micron. Our stainless steel, state-of-the-art units are designed for all types of fuels and works on all storage tanks. Units are driven by compressed air to avoid potential safety hazards.

Guardian Fuel Technologies provides on-site tank inspections, fuel quality analysis, mobile fuel tank cleaning, fuel treatment, disposal of PCW and sludge collected from tanks. We also provide ongoing fuel quality maintenance programs, dispenser filter programs and corrosion prevention services.

about-imageFuelguard benefits:

  • No loss of product
  • Filtration to 1 micron for fuel; 5 micron for diesel
  • Complete water separation/removal
  • No down-time
  • No more slow flow and filter problems
  • 24/7/365 response
  • Multiple units across the Southeast
  • Phase separation services that save fuel
  • No need for multiple contractors, turn-key service
  • Faster response times
  • Fuel treatment and microorganism removal
  • Minimizes sludge/PCW disposal volumes
  • Corrosion treatment services
  • Diesel contamination solutions

Guardian Fueling Technologies, Inc. offers our Unconditional Service Guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with the service you received, simply tell us and we will credit the labor and mileage for that service call. No Questions Asked!

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